Grant announcement

By the establishment of the Foundation the aim of the Founder was to pay tribute to the work of her deceased wife, Professor Éva Bodzsár, as well as to commemorate her teaching and research work. It was always of high importance for Prof. Bodzsár to give talented students every opportunity to learn and apply new knowledge and skills, and to support their professional development.

Prof. Éva Bodzsár was a major figure in the field of Auxology (the science of human somatic growth and development) and also interested in studies in Auxology-related fields of medicine, sport sciences and epidemiology. As a clinical psychologist, she also analysed the relationship between children’s physical and mental development.

However, her interest was not limited to research in Auxology and its co-sciences, she always followed the novelties, new methods of other biological disciplines. Current, biology-related issues of everyday life have also been of constant concern to her. 

The Foundation will support an MSc or PhD student, who has already joined research to understand and explore the molecular biological problems.  



Deadline of application submission

There are no deadlines for submission. Online Applications can be received at all times.

Application form and quide 

Applications should be prepared in Hungarian!


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